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About Us



All of our employees are dog lovers and own personal pets. You can rest assured that all breeding stock and puppies are treated as one of the family.



Our staff has many years in the dog industry with backgrounds in biology, zoology, genetics and animal care. Our facility is equipped with x-ray, ultrasound, pregnancy detectors, and a lab to ensure the best for our dogs.



Everyone here is dedicated to the all the animals. Our staff will work days and nights to ensure no puppy is every left behind. If a puppy gets sick someone is with it every 2 hours until it has fully recovered.



Our customer service is equipped to deal with customer questions and concerns and to answer them professionally. Our contract department will always ensure that the company always adheres to the contracts and will answer any contract-related questions.

What is Tesem Hounds?

What is Tesem Hounds?

We are a kennel that specializes in descendant breeds of the Tesem. We have devoted our lives day in and day out to ensure we can provide the best care not only for our own dogs but for future customer dogs as well.

Special Care for Senior Pets

Special Care for Senior Pets

All of our retired dogs are either sent to approved homes or someone from the kennel will keep them. No dog is ever sent to an animal shelter, broker or pet store.