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Pre-Order Process

  • Step 1

    Buyer Application

    After reviewing all the available information on our website and you fill ready to move forward with purchasing a puppy or pre-order.Complete a Buyer Application so that your home can be approved.

  • Step 2

    Confirm Information

    After we receiving your application and finished reviewing it you will receive a call or email from our office. At this point, we will want to take the time to confirm all the information on your application and for you to ask as many questions before moving forward.

  • Step 3

    On Pre-Order list

    After approving your Buyers Application you will receive an email or phone call to confirm you are ready to move forward. You are sent a contract via email to complete. Your name will be put on the pre-order list and typically pick out a puppy within 3 to 12 months

  • Step 4

    Puppies Are Here

    You will be notified when the dam whelps and when puppies are available for selection.Puppy Selection process starts typically when puppies turn 14 days old. Each person on the pre-order list is contacted accordingly and will have 48 hours to make their selection if their pre-order comes up.

  • Step 5


    Puppies are typically able to leave the kennel between 8-12 weeks old usually. At the time of delivery/pickup puppies will have already been given all vaccinations, deworming, spay/neutered, and issued a health certificate by a vet. After a long wait customers can now enjoy their healthy puppy.

Process Breakdown

A bitch goes into heat every 6-8 months. That heat cycle can last 7-24 days depending on when ovulation begins. Once a dog is bred its gestational period last 63-68 days. Puppies can leave the kennel between 8-12 weeks of age typically.The time frame is depending on 3 factors ( puppy readiness, kennel approval, and vet approval). This process does seem long but it is mother nature and cannot be rushed for any reason. A kennel is not designed to simply put out puppies back to back like an assembly line so it is important to remember that life takes time as we want only healthy strong puppies. The typical wait time for a pre-order to be completed is typically 3-12 months which includes the breeding process from start to finish. Buyer should check with the kennel pre-order updates page to confirm expected whelping dates. A due date does not guarantee a viable pregnancy. However, pregnancy test and ultrasound examinations are done to give a more accurate diagnosis of a pregnancy and its' viability. The kennel cannot control mother nature factors of any pregnancy. That is why all pre-orders and post whelp purchases are protected with a buyer contract so that customers do not lose their money if a breeding is unsuccessful for any number of reasons. Buyers are automatically moved to the next available litter if there are not enough puppies produced or breeding was not successful. If a puppy has not been offered to the buyer within a certain time frame(indicated on each individual contract) the buyer will be able to receive a full refund per contract terms.The kennel does aid in making sure that the breeding stock is healthy before and after breeding and all females are given prenatal & breeding vitamins/supplements before, during and after whelping. The kennel also has its own equipment such as an x-ray, ultrasound, and ovulation machine to increase the likelihood of a successful and healthy breeding program.

Pre-Order VS Post-Whelp Purchase

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