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This breed has a couple of origins depending on who you speak to you. Many believe this breed is a direct descendant of the ancient Egyptian hound called the Tesem. You will also have people say the breed originated from the beautiful country of Malta. Which origin do you believe? Drop a comment on our Facebook page anytime. Pharaoh Hound is an active and intelligent dog breed. Easy to train and eager to learn, Pharoh Hounds are outstanding sight hounds and are great with children and medium to large sized pets, and you can find them in four different coat colors.


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The history of the canine race might be very different without the Phoenicians. These seafaring traders, from what is today Lebanon, sailed the Mediterranean 2,500 years ago doing a brisk business in luxury items. It’s assumed that the Phoenicians disseminated Egyptian hounds throughout the ancient world, as far west as Britain. The prevailing theory suggests that Phoenicians introduced the Pharaoh to Malta, where they were used as rabbit hunters. In 1979, the Pharaoh was named the national hound of Malta. It is a descendant of the Tesem.

Source: American Kennel Club www.akc.org

The first set of Pharaoh Hounds were imported from Malta. However, no litter was ever produced from that set that we know of at this time.

New breeding pairs were imported to the UK and the first litter born in 1963 from those imports.

The Kennel club also known as KC created a breed standard and added the Pharaoh Hound to its registry in 1974. However, it was not originally called the Pharaoh Hound by the kennel club until 1977 as the name was used to identify as the Ibizan Hound most likely for its similar appearance by the FCI.

The breed was added to the AKC registry in 1983. Regardless this was already a breed long before AKC acceptance of the breed into its registry.


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