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Step 1

In order to start the pre-order process, all potential clients must first review all the pre-order steps and review the sample contract found below. By doing so first it helps prospective clients come up with questions they want to be answered during the application process. This saves you and the kennel time.

After reviewing all the available information on our website and you feel you are ready to move forward, then we recommend completing our buyer application for approval. Typically all applicants can expect a response within 48 hours by email. If we don’t hear back from you within 48 hours we often follow up with a courtesy phone call to ensure you received our initial email. So we do ask that if you receive our email please respond back even it is to tell us that you are no longer interested.

Our Pharaoh Hounds are $3000 but we only require a $1000 nonrefundable deposit when getting on the pre-order list. The entire amount is for the program but we do not believe in requesting the entire amount until we have completed our contractual obligation of offering you a puppy and you accepting that puppy. The deposit is not due until after step 3 of the pre-order process which is signing the pre-order contract.

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