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Step 3

After approving your application it is now time to sign the contract. All of our contracts are done through DocuSign which a legal platform network to send, receive and sign legal documents. We give all clients 48 hours to complete the contract we send them via email electronically. We give only 48 hours for a couple of reason. One is that before completing an application you should have already reviewed the sample contract. The second reason is that we only hold a pre-order spot for 48 hours as to be fair to other potential clients who are ready to move forward.  Once the contract is signed you are officially on the pre-order list and reserving a spot on the pre-order list until you get a puppy. Clients can expect to pick out a puppy typically within 12 months. However, it can be longer depending on various factors associated with the breeding process. The contract does cover this and adds a layer of buyer protection.

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